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Hasty Red

Unfortunately, "Red" came in with a heartbreaking story and even worse reputation. In fact, he was labeled as a "Killer Horse" and before even having encountered this horse, fear was instilled in others because of this misconception. Even with this pre-conceived notion, when "Red" walked off the trailer the only emotion that was revealed was, fear. It was said that he would tear apart any stall put into, having realized these notions were simply fear-based, he was placed in a stall calmly and stood there quivering as if waiting for abuse. Since arrival, "Red" has been treated with kindness and respect and in return  he has presented use with the most, honest and giving horse a human could ask for.
He is a 10 year old Thoroughbred gelding standing 17.0 hands with movement full of grace and power. He would make a very nice dressage prospect. He has been ridden by beginner, youth and professional riders under English tack. He has received novice dressage training, and for adopters interested in this discipline we can put you in contact with this trainer. We as that due to Red's heartfelt past, serious inquiries that will give him the forever home he deserves only, please.


Sawyer arrived at Pure Thoughts, along with Flynne (see below), from a sever abuse case. Seeing as these two horses have come from such horrible neglect, their gratitude and peaceful nature are truly remarkable. Sawyer is a 15 year old Quarter Horse chestnut gelding, he stands approximately 15.0 hands. 

Since his arrival he has been sweet and loving, even considering his unfortunate past he has shown incredible trust for humans. He has been ridden primarily under a Western saddle and along trails, which he thorughly enjoys. We have found out that he is familiar with a barrel pattern for Western games, and neck reins as well. He also has no problem working under English tack and taking care of beginner riders/children. As you can see in the photos below, Sawyer arrived in extremely poor condition, but has come a long way in his physical and mental appearance. Now, he is a healthy and happy boy! 

Little Flynne
“Flynne” arrived along with Sawyer (See Sawyers’ Bio HERE), from a severe abuse case in which every rib and bone were revealed. She is similar to Sawyer, whereas you would not suspect such a heartbreaking past by their trusting and serene nature. This mare hides nothing and is extremely honest, from the second you meet her you will feel her sincerity in everything she does. Her past has not hindered her playful and loving self.
She is a 4 year old green Paint pony with a big heart and graceful movement. She has been started under the English tack and is currently learning to find her balance and suppleness under saddle. She has welcomed each new experience with curiosity and courage. Although green, this filly has a promising future and with consistent work and training she will be a very talented hunter pony for a young rider. Please check our blog for her weekly training updates.

Run Gima Run

“Gima” arrived here from Ohio where she was kept in a large pasture for approximately one year, after having completed her final race. This time off gave her body rest and cleared her mind for her future. She is a 10 year old thoroughbred mare, with an athletic build and strong drive. She enjoys the Western tack and going on trails. She has not had any formal Western Gaming or Western Pleasure training,  her stocky frame and sturdy hind end would make her a wonderful prospect for either or, even a working cow pony. She also has potential in other English disciplines. This mare is very athletic and ready to work! An intermediate rider is recommended. 

Koda Chrome
“Koda” arrived at the farm when she was only a few months old malnourished and in awful condition. This treatment early on in her life left her fearful and untrusting of humans, to the extent she would quiver at a gentle touch. Fortunately, with constant care, love and desensitizing she has blossomed into a confident flashy pony.
Koda is approximately 3 years old standing roughly at 14.1 hands. This filly’s exquisite movement and conformation draws attention from every spectrum. Karma was granted for this little girl because she now stands one of the most confident, intelligent, stunning horses to walk through this rescue. Currently, her training includes natural horsemanship training consisting of round pen and lounge-line work, ponying off older/experienced horses and ground work. She will be started under saddle in the next couple weeks, please check our blog for her training updates.

Light the Night
"Bella" is a 17 year old thoroughbred mare standing at 17.0 hands with a big heart. She is a seasoned hunter who has had great success in her past. It is recommended Bella find a home with a rider that is looking to have fun, work on trails and not push her past her limits. Bella is completely sound, but this girl has accomplished her fair share of work in her past with a strong racing and hunter jumper career, so we would like this sweet girl to find her forever home and have some fun…after all, she deserves it!

Finally Unbridled
Finally Unbridled is an 8 year old thoroughbred mare standing approximately 15.3 hands, having completed her last race on (date). This mare is athletic, confident and intelligent. She was receiving some hunter jumper training for a few months, but in the past year this girl has been stacking her resume with a few different disciplines. Having been taken over some cross rails ranging from 2’-3’ which she jumps with complete ease and solid form. We have never pushed her over anything higher or more difficult, but with guidance this horse would jump to the moon and back. She would make a really talented jumper prospect. Some of the young riders have even played stick and ball on her and she had no hesitation with the mallet or ball. Her agility and speed would make her a good youth polo prospect, as well. This mare requires a light hand and confident rider, as she has a lot to give and is major powerhouse. She has primarily been ridden by youth riders and seems to enjoy the spirit they carry. Her athleticism and intelligent nature will make her successful in anything her future may hold. We recommend an intermediate rider. 

Arizona arrived here thru the Nurse Mare Foal Program, having been birthed 2012. Somehow, Arizona went unnoticed in a pasture in Kentucky for a year before being discovered. Even with the lack of care in her first year, she was in relatively good condition and is very trusting towards humans. In fact, having met this girl you would never know her story was so neglectful. She is a Quarter Horse, approximately 1/2 years old with a playful and sweet personality. Arizona has round pen training sessions and works under a natural horsemanship program. However, if we’re honest she spends most of her time playing with her friends and enjoying her youthful stage…as she missed out of this part of her life. She would make a great Western or English prospect. 

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