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Gem's road to recovery from a severe white line disease case...Check out the story HERE...

Our boy Freight Liner at the show this weekend!!!

William Went Home This Weekend
MyLilManWil went home with his new mommy Jen today... What a fantastic future for the two of them !! Beautiful barn and stalls.. Makes us happy happy
Turkey's Long Road to Recovery
Turk came in with a sheath completely infected with unmanaged sores...in which surgery was his only option. Luckily, we were able to raise enough funds for Turk to receive his surgery, and is going into his second month of rehab. Although everything went well and he is doing wonderfully, he requires an extensive amount of medical materials and daily cleansing treatments in order to continue his recovery. Please consider donating to Turkey's medical fund by clicking HERE!

Building Trust and Desensitization 
This is Nickels, he is a 9 year old Halflinger who was considered to be a punk, somewhat aggressive and not trustworthy. Although he can be ridden and knows his stuff, he also knows how to get his rider off and he doesn't have the confidence he ahold. After the first couple weeks with him it was obvious that he did not trust humans and there was not only a disconnect but many holes in his training. We have gone back to the basics with him starting by building trust and then filling in the holes.

Things you should NOT say to a rescue...HAHA
Sporty Learns to Drive!
Sporty is old enough now to learn to drive like his buddy Belle does... with a little coaching, the kids were great at making this a smooth transition for Sporty. He trusts these kids and in his words "They are just his size"

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